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02 August 2020 - Honda CB1100R
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1981 years model is called CB1100RB and 1,050 units were produced, CB1100RC from 1982 and CB1100RD from 1983 were each produced in 1,500 units. In total only 4,050 units were produced, which together with high-end materials and equipments makes the CB1100R to sought after collectors objects.

Some of the most obvious differences between the different year models are:
  • Fairing:
    • The bike from 1981 has a top fairing opposite the full fairing of the later models.
    • All fairings are different and none of the fairing parts of the three models are interchangeable with one another.
    • The painting differs between the the three models and the 1983 model is painted in metallic, opposite to the two earlier models.
    • The model from 1981 is a pure solo bike, while the two later models can take a passanger by removing a part of the fairing abowe the rear part of the seat.
  • Front fork and front break:
    • The two later models have differently designed front fork, breaks and wheel, compared to the model from 1981, and are also equipped with anti-dive.
    • The bike from 1981 has a 19 inch front wheel, compared to the 18 inch wheel on the two later models.
  • Rear swing:
    • The models from 1981 and 1982 have a rear swing made of round tubes, while the swing for the 1983 model is made of square tubes.
  • Exhaust system:
    • The model from 1983 has a black chromated exhaust system, while the exhaust systems on the two earlier models are matt varnished.
Diary photo
Honda CB1100R 1981
Diary photo
Honda CB1100R 1982
Diary photo
Honda CB1100R 1983
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