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PeLuAk owns the copyright © to all photos at this web site. Bought photos may be used for private and idealistic purposes. As idealistic purposes we regard non-commercial club magazine, non-commercial web sites and similar.

We also sell photos for commercial purposes, to be published in articles, as advertising, posters etc. Please contact PeLuAk to agree about the conditions.

Order process
Each photo has an identity (id), shown below respective photo. Please mail us the identities of the photos you would like to buy together with format, number of photos, your name, address and telephone number.

As an alternative you can order the photos you would like to buy via telephone.

Payment must be done against an invoice, which will be sent at delivery of the photos.

Many of these photos have been processed quite a lot with Photoshop.
All prices are given in Swedish Kronor (SEK), VAT included.

Printed photos
The photos are printed, if nothing else is requested, on fine art photo paper with archive quality ink.

When the photos are printed, we let the photo fill as much of the paper as possible with a small white margin.
  • A4 = 210 x 297 mm
  • A3+ = 329 x 483 mm
  • A2 = 420 x 594 mm
FormatCopy 1Copy 2 -
A4500 SEK / pc300 SEK / pc
A3+1,000 SEK / pc600 SEK / pc
A21,500 SEK / pc900 SEK / pc
Copies are defined as printouts from the same "negative".

Postage and packing, that will assure that the pictures are delivered undamaged, are included in these prices.